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Star Wars Bits: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 4, and Porg Fever Continues


goddamn motherfuckin porgs

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Force Friday II is upon us!
  • Why parts of Star Wars: The Last Jedi were shot digitally!
  • Porg fever continues!
  • Star Wars Rebels season 4 teases!
  • Michael Giacchino‘s Stormtrooper cameo!
  • More Star Wars board game news!
  • And much more!

Porg feeeeeeeveeeeerrrrrr! Yes, these adorable little birds native to Ahch-To have continued to thrill and excite Star Wars fans, and a new official “Blip” – digital-only animated shorts – gives us our first official listen to what they sound like, as they play with BB-8 (since you know, the toy that gave us their sounds a few weeks ago still hasn’t technically been released). I’d imagine poor BB-8 would have a hard enough time navigating the steps and rocks of Ahch-To without these little creatures harassing him. Wait – are Porgs evil? Noooo!

Before composing the score of Rogue One, Michael Giacchino came to Star Wars in the form of a First Order stormtrooper cameo. He shared his Wookieepedia page, identifying his trooper as the one that searched Poe in the village on Jakku. Amusingly, Poe flirts with this trooper in the novelization.

Hera Syndulla

Comicbookmovie chatted with voice actress Vanessa Marshall about her time as Hera, the pilot of the Star Wars Rebels crew. Marshall talked about her love of the series, and seeing the finished product after imagining it during recording sessions. While she couldn’t talk too much about Season 4, she did offer up a tantalizing #SpaceMarried tease:

Definitely. It’s clear that they have an affection for each other as friends and that they care very much about each other and I think it will be wonderful to see them maybe discuss things. I’m not allowed to say anything and furthermore haven’t seen much of it [Laughs] so can’t really speak on it but I am very excited to see that storyline develop and see if anything happens there. I think that will be satisfying for a number of people saying that they’re space married and hashtag “Kanera” and all that stuff.

She also made a bold promise that “every lingering question you have will be answered” and “all fans will be satisfied” by the fourth and final season of the series. That’s exciting to hear.

Forces of Destiny

More Forces of Destiny episodes are on the way this fall, and more characters will be joining in the fun. In Star Wars Insider (via JediNews), Carrie Beck of the Story Group revealed that Finn, voiced by John Boyega, and Han Solo, almost certainly not voiced by Harrison Ford, will be in upcoming episodes. The stories will still revolve around the female characters of Star Wars.

This gorgeous puzzle may be giving us a sneak peek at an upcoming poster. Rey is in her same poster pose, as she’s flanked by the major players of The Last Jedi on both sides. Luke and Leia being back-to-back is cool, and the inclusion of Rose is wonderful. We’ll see if this gets released in another way.


The official Star Wars site has a neat profile on ILM research and development engineer Noah Lockwood, who worked on The Force Unleashed as an intern, and helps build animation tools for ILM artists. It’s super fun to know that they based the tools for the Rathtar tentacles in The Force Awakens on animation tech used by Pixar for Monster’s University and Finding Dory. Rathtars are just big, angry Hanks.


Yahoo! Movies debuted this new Rey image, and it is striking. It’s been interesting to see that Rey still has her staff, a makeshift weapon made of spare parts, with her in her new training days at Ahch-To. Obviously, everyone wants to see her use her lightsaber as much as possible, but she’s likely just comfortable with the staff. Could this lead to her eventually rocking a two-bladed lightsaber, or one at the end of a staff, like a pike? That would certainly be visually stunning!


In a new AP interview, Mark Hamill talked about his hesitation to come back for more Star Wars because “the original trilogy had a beginning, a middle, and an end.” But he then realized the story of Luke Skywalker was far from over – and compared the character to another famous face in fiction:

“But if you look at it another way, it’s the story of how Luke went from becoming a farm boy to a Jedi and then the story ends. It would be like telling the story of how James Bond got his license to kill and became 007, and the story ends.”

Hamill teases that in The Last Jedi, we’re dealing with a changed Luke. He and Rian Johnson talked about Luke’s backstory a bit, and Hamill did his own backstory for the thirty years between trilogies. “It’s not about Luke anymore,” he cautions, however.

Rian Johnson famously loves using film for his movies, but did shoot about 10-15% of The Last Jedi on digital, he revealed on twitter. Talking about the technology, he said digital is better for “low light situations, or shooting elements for effects-heavy sequences,” and his choice was always a technical or logistical one. it shouldn’t be a noticeable shift from scene to scene, but it’s neat for film buffs to learn about.

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