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Watch: ‘The Disaster Artist’ Reviewed By ‘The Room’ Star Tommy Wiseau


Tommy Wiseau disaster artist review

Tommy Wiseau and his cult favorite The Room are about to become even more popular thanks to James Franco‘s The Disaster Artist, which chronicles the making of the 2003 film. Early buzz on The Disaster Artist has been very positive, with /Film’s own Jacob Hall calling it a “hilarious and sincere tribute to one of the worst movies ever made.” But there’s one review that probably takes precedence over the rest: Tommy Wiseau’s. So what did Wiseau think of the film? You can find out by seeing the Tommy Wiseau Disaster Artist review below.

Wiseau has inexplicably become very famous for making something very bad. The Room, a truly strange film Wiseau wrote, directed, and acted in, became the stuff of midnight movie legend. The type of so-bad-it’s-good film that grows a rabid cult following. And now Wiseau has his own biopic, of sorts, with James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, a new comedy from A24 that chronicles the making of The Room. But what does Wiseau himself actually think of the film? In a video posted by the L.A. Times‘ Jen Yamato, Wiseau lets his feelings be known.

In the video, Wiseau, sitting with Disaster Artist stars James and Dave Franco, and Greg Sestero (The Room co-star whom Dave Franco plays in the new film) sit and listen as Wiseau says he “99% approves” of the film, although he seems to be nonplussed about the way The Room‘s football scene was handled. Interestingly enough, whenever Franco talks with Wiseau in the video, he apparently can’t help but slip back into Wiseau’s accent that he uses in The Disaster Artist. Wiseau’s take here coincides with his take out of SXSW, which Franco recounted (for EW):

“He didn’t see it until SXSW, and we were unsure of what he was going to think, especially because he said, [mimicking Wiseau’s accent] ‘Greg book only 40 percent true.’ It was like, well, that’s what we based it on, so what are you going to think about our movie? And that screening was so successful, it was like a rock concert. That and the Spring Breakers screening at SXSW [in 2013] would be the two greatest screenings of my life, I imagine. I was like, ‘So, Tommy, what did you think of the movie?’ And he said, ‘I approve 99.9 percent.’ He said, ‘I think the lighting, in the beginning, a little off.’ [Laughs] I told Brandon [Trost, The Disaster Artist‘s cinematographer]. He was like, ‘Yeah, maybe we should watch The Room, get some lighting pointers!’”

Here’s the synopsis for The Disaster Artist:

This is a true story about the making of THE ROOM – the cult classic described as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies”. THE DISASTER ARTIST, directed by and starring James Franco, is a buddy comedy about two outsiders chasing a dream. When the world rejects them, they decide to make their own movie – and it’s a movie so wonderfully awful due to its unintentional hilarious moments, meandering plots and terrible acting.

The Disaster Artist opens in select theaters December 1, 2017.

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